Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Why should I breastfeed continued...

Breastfeeding makes your life simpler and easier! Babies who breastfeed also have better brain development and do better on IQ tests. Mothers who breastfeed have less bleeding after childbirth and lose weight sooner. They have less risk of breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer! If the above are not reasons enough, think about the time and money that will be saved. Parents who breastfeed save more than $1,000 (US) the first year by not having to spend money on formula and such. It's also proven that parents will miss fewer days of work. (Breastfeeding, Spangler, A. )

If you're struggling with the decision about wether or not to breastfeed it's normal.  Learn all you can and don't be afraid to stand your ground.  If you decide breastfeeding is your lane then stick to it and don't let others tell you what's best for you and your babe. Breast is best, it's what your baby is intended to survive on.  It's the perfect food for your baby!

Why should I breastfeed?

Not only is breastfeeding the simplest and most economical way to feed your lil one, it's also been proven that breastfed babies are healthier, happier, smarter!
Breastfed babies have...
1. Fewer ear infections.
2. Less gas, constipation, & diarrhea.
3. Less risk of pneumonia.
4. Less risk of allergy and asthma.
5. Less risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
6. Less risk of obesity in childhood.
7. Less risk or DIABETES!!! (That's huge)

(Breastfeeding, Spangler A .)

Friday, February 14, 2014


I would love to form a network of breastfeeding families that volunteer to help new mothers overcome the difficulties of breastfeeding.  Our core mission would be to support each mother in meeting her individual breastfeeding goals. We would provide education, support, encouragement through mentorship and opportunities to meet and network with other breastfeeding families.  Ultimately, we would help to provide a community wide culture in which breastfeeding is supported, encouraged, and the norm for nourishing our infants and young children.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Video - Breastfeeding Help Videos - nbci

Video - Breastfeeding Help Videos - nbci

What the heck is a latch?

Simply put, a latch is the proper attachment of the baby's mouth with your breast!

There are some things that you must know in order to latch your baby properly. First, babies do not just suck your nipple.  Lil bubba must access your milk by latching onto your nipple and areola.  Babies don't just suck on your breast as they would a bottle, the motion is quiet different.  It's more of a compression and swallowing.  Have you ever seen someone milk a seriously! They sort of kneed the breast in order to get the milk to come out.  The baby is doing the same thing on your breast.
You might feel like you are stuffing your breast in the babies mouth at first.  The baby will take what she needs into her mouth and start to nurse. Remember, as you and baby start to get used to nursing it will hurt less and less. When you remove your nipple from the babes mouth rule number one is "break the latch or wait for the baby to unlatch" also make sure your nipple doesn't look like the tip of a brand new lipstick.  If it does, the baby is latch on improperly.
Here is the honest truth...babies are born with the instinct to nurse but they may need a little help learning and they need time to feel out your breast anatomy.  If you're really lucky you and your baby will automatically hit it off the first time you put her to your breast.  If you're like most moms, you and baby will need some practice.  Hit up Youtube to find videos of babies latching (I've posted a link for some videos), it's one thing to see pics but another to actually see a baby doing it.  You might be surprised that you and sweet angel are not too far off from the ideal latch.

Breastfeeding can be foreign

Hi nursing mommas & moms to be! Looking back I can remember a time when everything "breastfeeding" was foreign. I read everything under the sun about nursing but nothing would really prepare me for all that comes along with breastfeeding.  There are so many emotional changes that you go through just from giving birth.  If this is your first baby then the experience of being in a hospital might be traumatizing all within itself.  Maybe your birth plan didn't work out like you planned and you ended up having an emergency c-section.  Then they hand you the baby and say "feed him, or else" poor thing!  All of the unexpected can be scary. Don't fret, all that you're feeling or all that you felt is normal and you can overcome it.  The main point is that you CAN breastfeed your baby, with little or no support.  Hopefully you're surrounded by your mother who breastfed you, or your sis who nursed her little one, but that isn't reality for most people. Most ladies are depending on their health care providers to help and let me just be will be lucky to find a nurse or lactation consultant that will take the time to support you. If you do find one, make her your best friend while you're in the hospital.    You are responsible for the health and well being of your tiny, innocent, baby.  Empower yourself momma! Read everything you can, supplement with formula temporarily if you have to, give the baby a bottle if you need to, don't for one second feel guilty.  Breastfeeding isn't black and white, although many websites and information out there makes it so.  Take it from me, although I'm no expert  (what does qualify someone to be a breastfeeding expert) YOU CAN DO IT, even if you think you can't!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 11 must have breastfeeding accessories

1. nipple shield (I used the Medela nipple shield, I only had one)
2. Lansinoh lanolin cream (it's recommended to wash off before the next feeding)
3. Boppy pillow (love it, has more than one function)
4. Breast pump ( I have a double electric Medela, I probably could have survived with a single electric)
5. Nursing cover (I use a hooter hider, although I've seen some larger one on the market now)
6. Breast pads (I wasn't a leaker so I didn't use very many but you still need a pack)
7. Warm/cold pads (many different brands, I assume they are all the same)
8. Nursing shirt (I only had two that I would wear early on, once you get the hang of nursing any shirt will work)
9. Co-sleeper (I have the Armsreach mini but both of my babes ended up in bed with us after a couple weeks)
10. Nursing bra (you need a underwire if you have large breast and most definitely one without a wire, my wire free bra is a Bravado)
11. Nursing nightgown or button down PJs.  (My favorite is from Walmart, Bestform is the maker, and it was $11)

Hi friends,
Here is my list of must haves if you're just starting to breastfeed or plan to.  Of course, I've used every single one of these products and that's why I can recommend them.  If you feel like you want to try a Breastfriend pillow rather than a Boppy that could work also.