Saturday, October 12, 2013

Must knows

-Is my baby latched properly?
"One really important tip I read somewhere was, when your baby unlatches from the breast look at your nipple.  If it's shaped like lipstick in a tube, the baby is latched on incorrectly.  I had been feeding my first like this for a good month, once I corrected the latch, my nipples started to feel much better."

-Is my little one getting "enough" milk
"The first week was really scary. I didn't know if I was producing enough milk.  The second day home from the hospital he still hadn't had a wet diaper (since being home). I called the pediatrician and she said she couldn't see the baby, I would have to take him to the hospital..gasp!  I supplemented with a bottle of formula and needless to say he went potty and pee immediately.  Talk about feeling inadequate.  I couldn't even feed my baby enough milk.  Still I didn't let that stop me.  I started pumping and that really helped my supply flourish.  Finally, I was producing enough milk to satisfy the recommend number of wet diapers a baby should have in a day.  Whew!"

-Can I drink alcohol while I'm nursing?
"Let me answer this for you.  No!  A sip of wine or beer won't hurt but in my opinion and only my opinion, you really shouldn't drink more than that.  But do your own research please, I'm just giving you my opinion."

-When and how to introduce solids?
"Always offer the breast before you feed your baby solids.  This will help insure you keep an adequate milk supply."

Just a few Must Knows as a breastfeeding momma!  If you can't answer some of these I've attached two great websites to do some research. and

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