Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Freezing Milk

I used the Breastmilk Storage bags to freeze my milk. They were easy to use and store in the freezer.  There is a system to storing and using Breastmilk.  Here are a few rules I go by:
1. Make sure your pump is always clean and sterilize the bottles as often as possible.
2. Nurse your baby first and then pump or use the "third boob" method
3. Freeze your milk right away
4. Use your oldest frozen milk first
5. Remember milk changes as your baby gets older
6. Do not microwave you're milk to warm or thaw rather use a bowl of warm water to set your bag in or thaw in the fridge.
7. Remember that you can add your Breastmilk to baby cereal, baby food, or use the frozen pieces in mesh feeder (this can get messy but it's great when baby is teething)
8. Don't feel guilty if you have to throw some away

Here is what you say...

I believe that I could have screamed every time someone asked me, "is the baby getting any milk" or "do you think she's crying because you're not making enough milk?"  Come on people!  If you're not a nursing mom and you're reading this, please make sure to never ask a nursing mom or any mom for that matter these questions.  For me it was down right insulting but don't get me wrong, I'm sure they weren't trying to piss me off.  They were just concerned and didn't know the right thing to ask or say. So, here is some advice on what to say..."let me take you into a nice, quiet area of the house and help you get comfortable.  Let me bring you a glass of water and while you're nursing the baby I will sweep your floors with the utmost respect and I will do it without making a peep so that your precious baby can nurse and fall asleep.  Once the baby is asleep, you will take a shower.  Once you're out of the shower, I will have something for you to eat.  Then, if you want to or need to, you can sit and pump while I run to the grocery store for you."  AMEN!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

La Leche League

If you haven't heard of La Leche League check out their website.  Go to your local chapter meetings and surround yourself with some support.  I can't tell you how relieved I felt after leaving my first meeting.  There were all kinds of mothers there too!  Attachment parenting moms, homeschooling moms, first time moms, moms that used cloth diapers, young and old.  So diverse, one could really learn a lot just by observing.   You don't have to pay for a membership to attend the meetings, your not obligated to anything.  Just a bunch of mommas supporting one another, it's great.

Reasons are like nipples...

It's easy to find a site that will list the "top 10 reasons to breastfeed" but what are your reasons you want to breastfeed or the reason/s you did nurse your wee one.  It's funny that there can be so much hype surrounding something so natural.  You either have to be a Coach toting, formula feeding self centered mother or a crunchy, organic eating, breastfeeding hippie.  WHY!!!  Why can't it (breastfeeding) just be the norm.  Why can't I just be a normal mom, who shops a Target, eats organic as much as possible but still enjoys an In and Out burger way too often, lives paycheck to paycheck, breastfeeding momma!  Damn it!  Okay, so I'm a little passionate, what can I say.  Another thing, why does it matter our reasons for breastfeeding.  It's what we're supposed to do with these lovely lady lumps God gave us. So who cares if you do it because your mom did it, or because your mom didn't do it.  Who cares if you do it because your sister or BFF did and you can't imagine listening to another lecture from either one. all my breastfeeding mommas out there......breastfeed your baby no matter what your reasons are.  Remember, breastfeeding will always be the best nourishment for you baby, period!