Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Freezing Milk

I used the Breastmilk Storage bags to freeze my milk. They were easy to use and store in the freezer.  There is a system to storing and using Breastmilk.  Here are a few rules I go by:
1. Make sure your pump is always clean and sterilize the bottles as often as possible.
2. Nurse your baby first and then pump or use the "third boob" method
3. Freeze your milk right away
4. Use your oldest frozen milk first
5. Remember milk changes as your baby gets older
6. Do not microwave you're milk to warm or thaw rather use a bowl of warm water to set your bag in or thaw in the fridge.
7. Remember that you can add your Breastmilk to baby cereal, baby food, or use the frozen pieces in mesh feeder (this can get messy but it's great when baby is teething)
8. Don't feel guilty if you have to throw some away

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