Saturday, December 14, 2013

Breastfeeding and taking medicine for a cold, ugh!

Okay, it's almost midnight and I am up.  Not because the baby is in need of a nighttime feeding or my preschooler is calling me for a bathroom run, but because I have a horrible cough.  It's keeping me up and I can no longer take it!! I have to take something.  God I hope the Kellymom website is up to date on their safe medication list.  It was a toss up over children's Claritin or Dextromethorphan.  I took the DXM but only 1tsp.  Now, I'm just sitting here typing this waiting for it to work.  According to Kellymom it's the safest level you can take while breastfeeding L1.  Ugh, let me know what you all have taken in the past that has worked for your cold and cough.  Goodnight.

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