Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top 11 must have breastfeeding accessories

1. nipple shield (I used the Medela nipple shield, I only had one)
2. Lansinoh lanolin cream (it's recommended to wash off before the next feeding)
3. Boppy pillow (love it, has more than one function)
4. Breast pump ( I have a double electric Medela, I probably could have survived with a single electric)
5. Nursing cover (I use a hooter hider, although I've seen some larger one on the market now)
6. Breast pads (I wasn't a leaker so I didn't use very many but you still need a pack)
7. Warm/cold pads (many different brands, I assume they are all the same)
8. Nursing shirt (I only had two that I would wear early on, once you get the hang of nursing any shirt will work)
9. Co-sleeper (I have the Armsreach mini but both of my babes ended up in bed with us after a couple weeks)
10. Nursing bra (you need a underwire if you have large breast and most definitely one without a wire, my wire free bra is a Bravado)
11. Nursing nightgown or button down PJs.  (My favorite is from Walmart, Bestform is the maker, and it was $11)

Hi friends,
Here is my list of must haves if you're just starting to breastfeed or plan to.  Of course, I've used every single one of these products and that's why I can recommend them.  If you feel like you want to try a Breastfriend pillow rather than a Boppy that could work also.

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