Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Medela nipple shield

My poor nipples...yup I'm going there.  My nipples were so used and abused that I couldn't bear anything touching them.  I was using Lansinoh nipple cream religiously but my poor nipples were still sore and even bleeding.  The hospital originally gave me the nipple shield because they thought the baby was having a difficult time with latching and he probably was but I didn't think a nipple shield would help.  That little piece of silicone was just another reminder that I didn't know what I was doing...or so I thought.  Four days later I broke that sucker back out and used it while nursing because I couldn't handle the pain any longer.  Ahhh relief at last!  They were a temporary fix while my nipples were able to heal.  Thank you nipple shield for allowing me to nurse my baby through the pain.

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